Reo Cages

60m 750 Face Width

To Supply 1 x 60m Non Cyclonic Mast, 1 x Final and Earth Plates, 1 x Anti-Climb and Mast Foundation Steelwork

Communication Structures

We at Frenchline have done 1000's of different sites for the Telco Industry, Ranging from simple Mounts on existing Headframes to very complex Rooftop sites.

We love the challenge that the custom Telco sites bring to us and we take pride in producing a great product which suits the customer needs.

Optus Satellite Facility

One of the jobs which we completed for a client was for the Optus Satellite Facility. Frenchline Industries was asked to Supply, Fabricate & Erect a load frame at the Lockridge Satellite Facility for Optus. We had finished installation of the load frame and Optus was very happy. After a month Optus then came back to us to Design, Draft, Fabricate & Install some stairs to suit the new Load Frame.